My name is Peggy Zynski.

I grew up in a small town named Lannon in the state of Wisconsin.

My love of art frees me to express my vision within a framework that conveys a thought, a feeling revealed in its related images. Being an independent self-taught artist, my vision of self expression is tangible, authentic and honest. I work hard in my dedication to express this vision of my journey.

The desire to step outside of myself in order to really get the personal read on: "Who Am I?"

I was given a canvas and the inspiration from my dearly loved sister who is a well established artist who told me to paint and don't stop. There, I would find my free self just waiting to express on a blank canvas. I began to paint and will never stop. I have been able to find such freeness of movement and real shapes and colors that made sense in the bringing my outside in and my inside out. My art is open to all who enjoy the place that is often referred to as "My Happy Place." All my emotions and experience of self expression are in every stroke placed on a once blank canvas. 

I'm so pleased to express these visions of my journey. I encourage everyone who may feel intimidated to reach out to let it out to do just so through this wondrous medium of art, I promise you will never want to stop. Have fun and your Happy Place!